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Guidelines and protocols for , Acquiring visa in Bhutan

If you are traveling to Bhutan and looking to acquire your visa then this guideline is for you.

Bhutan is a country that has a unique initiative that every outside citizen has to follow for the total number of days they decide to visit Bhutan. It is known as ‘Sustainable Development Fee’ or SDF which is implemented on the tourism and youth development of Bhutan. Countries all over the world have to pay the same amount of U$D 100 per night for the entire stay and Indian citizens have to pay INR 1200 (U$D 15- 16). 

Due to the open border visitor from India do not need a visa to enter Bhutan. They are only asked to submit a permit based on their valid documents and ID’s from the immigration office of the Royal Government of Bhutan. 

Tourists from other nations have to acquire Bhutan visa beforehand. You can also acquire a visa online at  or with a trusted travel agency like BT Holidays. 

Here are the complete protocols to follow while acquiring a visa for Bhutan 

  1. A digital copy of your passport (The validity of the passport must be 6 months least from you arrival date in Bhutan)
  2. A valid Insurance 
  3. Your arrival and departure dates 
  4. Well recognized photographs of recent.
  5. All the required payment details of SDF and visa fees 

Normally it might take you a week to receive a revert on your visa application. 

Note : The tourism council of Bhutan only issues you required visas when all the payments are done.

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