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In Bhutan the tariff for visitor are set by the Royal Government of Bhutan 

SInce the first border closing of Bhutan back in 2020 due to strict covid-19 protocols. The kingdom of Bhutan has started welcoming visitors again slowly reducing the number drastically after the pandemic. From the set of new protocols by the Royal Government every visitor must be. vaccinated and tested negative from the PCR test that is mandatory upon arrival. 

Bhutan has a decades old tourism policy of MDPR also known as  Minimum Daily Package Rate which visitors are required to pay to their local tour operator. This fee includes the SDF also which covers up to 250-290 U$D/ Per Day. It includes lodging services, transport, guide and meals.

Only in the case of Sightseeing, visitors are required to have guides and vehicles. These are some of the basic tariffs that visitors need to follow while booking their tour in Bhutan. 

(Note : Visitor from India, Bangladesh and Maldives are not required to follow this guide above)

Due to open borders and regular business trade visitors from India, Bangladesh and Maldives are required to pay an amount of U$D 15-16 (INR 1200) as SDF only the night they decide to stay in Bhutan. 


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