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Guideline for a comfortable and hassle free , Flight booking

Planning for a Bhutan tour and seeking information on the comfortable flights? We have you covered, this guideline follows the measure to acquire for booking a premium hassle free flight to Bhutan.

Royal Bhutan Airlines : Guidelines for successful flight booking.

Druk Air or the Royal Bhutan Airlines is the national carrier of the country. With a fleet of Airbus and ATR planes you can have the most amazing flight experience over the Himalayan Landscapes. You can book your flight with a tour operator also but booking online is more efficient as it saves you a great deal.

Here are the steps you need to follow while booking your flight online Choose your travel dates with arrival and departure 
  1. Search for Bhutan airline services. The most common and preferred is the Druk Air.
  2. Compare the deals and choose you flights
  3. Book your flight.
You can easily book a Druk air flight from https://www.drukair.com.bt/.
Tips for receiving the best deals on Bhutan flight.
1. Book in Advance. 2. Set up a date that is flexible for you comfort. 3. Sign up for newsletters from various booking sites. 4. Check for discount and various deals 5. Use travel rewards credit cards


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